FAQ: Constellation Dice - Voyager Anniversary Edition
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How do I choose the right bundle?

I compiled several different reward tiers appealing to gamers, collectors, and so on (please check the "Need Extra Dice" section on the main page for advanced reward customization).

If you especially like one design, consider these bundles:

Voyager Dice Bundle (eight d10, two d6).

Constellation Dice Bundle (twelve d6, four of which are glowing).

Desired Constellation Dice Bundle (twelve d6).

To obtain a sample of all the new dice, including a glowing one, get:

Scout's Bundle - 6 dice (four d6, two d10).

To obtain all the new dice (at least a couple of each) get:

One Anniversary Set - 8 dice (six d6, two d10)

To collect all the following second edition versions: - Southern Sky Constellation Dice (black / blue / black glowing / blue glowing) - Desired Constellation Dice (black / blue) - Solar System Voyager Dice (black "planets" d100, blue "moons" d10) get # One Deluxe Anniversary Set - 10 dice (eight d6, two d10)

To obtain the last remaining dice from the first campaign, bundled with the One Anniversary Set from this campaign, get:

Collector's Bundle - 10 dice (eight d6, two d10)

To obtain the last remaining glow-in-the-dark dice from the first campaign, bundled with samples of all the new dice from this campaign, get:

Deluxe Collector's Bundle - 10 dice (eight d6, two d10)

To maximize convenience, get:

Master's SUPERSAVER Bundle - 30 dice

Five Friends SUPERSAVER Bundle - 85 dice

Last updated: December 20, 2016 11:14

What are the available options to get Extra Dice?

To help me sorting out exactly what you pledged for, you may choose one extra from the following list:

€5) 2 Constellation Dice d6
€6) 1 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) + 1 Constellation Dice d6 €7) 2 Polyhedral Dice €8) 2 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) €9) 8 Desired Constellation D6 €10) 4 Constellation Dice d6 €11) 1 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) + 2 Polyhedral Dice €12) 2 Constellation Dice d6 + 2 Polyhedral Dice €13) 2 Constellation Dice d6 + 2 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) €14) 2 Constellation Dice d6 + 8 Desired Constellation d6 €15) 2 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) + 2 Polyhedral Dice €16) 8 Desired Constellation d6 + 2 Polyhedral Dice €17) 8 Desired Constellation d6 + 2 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) €18) 2 Constellation Dice d6 + 4 Polyhedral Dice €19) 2 Constellation Dice d6 + 2 Polyhedral Dice + 2 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) €20) 2 Constellation Dice d6 + 2 Polyhedral Dice + 8 Desired Constellation d6 €21) 6 Polyhedral Dice €22) 4 Constellation Dice d6 + 4 Polyhedral Dice €23) 1 Polyhedral set of 7 dice including one Constellation Dice as d6 €24) 6 Constellation Dice d6 (GLOWING) €29) 1 Polyhedral set of 8 dice including two (GLOWING) Constellation Dice as d6 €35) 1 Polyhedral set of 8 dice (GLOWING) including two Constellation Dice as d6

Constellation Dice refers to both the Southern Sky version, and the Northern Sky (in light blue color only).

The available Polyhedral Dice are:

  • Solar System d10
  • Lunar Phases (Supermoon) d4
  • Zodiacal d12
  • Compass d8
  • Milky Way d20
Last updated: December 19, 2016 16:12

How do I specify which color I like for my dice?

To simplify the reward tiers, and because of manufacturing costraints, it was initially not possible to specify color preferences (half of the dice you get would be Night Black, the other half would be Sky Blue). Having reached the 200% funding Stretch Goal though, you will be able to pick your favorite color at the end of the campaign:

Night Black / Sky Blue / Mixed for Desired Constellation (fudge) d6 Night Black / Sky Blue / Morning Sky for Constellation Dice d6

NOTE: - if you pick Morning Sky, half of the dice will be Southern Sky, half will be Northern Sky! - The collector's bundle will come as pictured in the chart of rewards, with one blue and one black Northern Sky dice (being for collectors, which don't really need duplicates).

Last updated: December 20, 2016 11:14

Yes, you can help!

Your support and encouragement will enable me to use more time to prototype new designs, and deliver them to you. If this campaign is successful I will get a commercial license to gather the funds, pay the factories and ship the rewards (I have been advised by my accountant that is best do all this at the beginning of a new year, and this is why my campaign will end just before Christmas Holidays).

A very successful campaign would reap the benefits of mass production, lowering manufacturing costs even more and allowing for some profit to start paying for the business' costs (all in all, about €3000 per year including accounting and some taxes). If you'll help me with that, well... expect bonus dice for everyone :D

This is admittedly not the best time of year for crowdfunding, so please let your friends know, whether they love gaming, astronomy, astrology, dice collecting... or shiny things :)

Share the link to the campaign, and don't forget: the highest rewards are very convenient if you have plans for Christmas or birthday gifts, or have some close friends with whom to share your purchase.

Please contact me if you would like to offer this dice in your store (minimum quantities apply).

Last updated: December 20, 2016 11:14

Currently updating the FAQs.

How to get the "Northern Sky" design of the d6 dice:

This is the original, sold-out design of the 1st Edition, which was limited to about 1000 dice manufactured in black and in blue color, and has only been included in the "Collector's" rewards, since not many original dice were left.

This campaign offers unlimited "Southern Sky" design for the d6 in those same colors, and adds a reprint of the "Northern Sky" design in a new color (Morning Sky, a light blue) and in the original black color, but with silver paint instead of white, available in couple with the "Southern Sky" design with the same finish.

The pictures in the add-ons show the available combinations:


"Southern Sky" design Night Black, Sky Blue, Morning Sky

"Northern Sky" design Morning Sky ONLY

SILVER PAINT: Both "Southern Sky" and "Northern Sky" in the original Night Black color.

How to get a full Glow-in-the-dark set of 7 or 8 dice

Get the bundle with 6 polyhedrals and one or two Constellation Dice of your choice, and specify the glowing option for both.

Shipping Updates

Current Estimated Shipping Date: June 2017

Manufacturing will start in February and should take three months, plus one for packaging and delivering the rewards.

Last Updated At: 01/23/17
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